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Super Turkey.jpg
Super Turkey.jpg
Estos valores pueden diferir con lo que ve en el juego o escrito en otro lugar.
Nombre común
Comando de generación
admincheat SpawnDino "" 500 0 0 35
Se puede montar
Se puede criar
X mark.svg No
X mark.svg No

The Super Turkey is a wild bird that is only available during ARK: Turkey Trial. Harvesting Wishbone.png Wishbone from turkeys allow players to craft specific cosmetics and emotes, randomized chibi-pets, or summon the DodoRex.

Basic Info[editar | editar código]

Behavior[editar | editar código]

Super Turkeys wander around aimlessly, similar to Dodos and often mixing with groups of them. Attacking a Super Turkey will cause it to fight back, and any nearby wild creatures will attack or flee, depending on their temperament.

Appearance[editar | editar código]

Super Turkeys look like modern day turkeys, but are extremely powerful. Don't be fooled about their appearance! They can kill you easily! They have extremely high defense so make sure to bring extra help in the form of a flying creature, Giganotosaurus.png giga, or friends.

Color Scheme and Regions[editar | editar código]

Patrones de color por región

Wing tips are not visible while the turkey is standing.


Esta seccíon muestra los colores naturales del Superpavo así como las variaciones de acuerdo a la región. Por señalar un ejemplo, las regiones abajo marcadas con rojo sobre un Superpavo albino. Los cuadrados de color que se muestran debajo de la descripción de cada región son los colores que serán utilizados para que el Superpavo genere un rango general de su esquemas de color al momento de spawnear. Mueva el cursor sobre un color para mostrar su nombre e ID.

Los admins de un servidor pueden utilizar la información de las regiones en la consola con los comandos Console Command "cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID>".
Por ejemplo, "cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6" hará que el color de la región seleccionada del Superpavo "main body" magenta.

No image available.svg
Region 0:
Main Body
No image available.svg
Región 1:
Top Tail Feathers
No image available.svg
Región 2:
Wing Tips
No image available.svg
Región 3:
Bottom Tail Feathers
No image available.svg
Región 4:
No image available.svg
Región 5:

Drops[editar | editar código]

The Wishbone can be obtained from the Turkey's death item cache on the ground where it dies if the corpse is harvested. Otherwise you can access its inventory in order to get it.

Base Stats and Growth[editar | editar código]

Ten en cuenta, que las estadísticas podrán variar en ARK:Survival of the fittest, y en ARK:Mobile

Estadísticas básicas
Atributos Cantidad a nivel 1 Aumento por cada punto
Health.png Salud 2000 +400
Stamina.png Energía 1000 +100
Oxygen.png Oxígeno 150 +15
Food.png Comida 450 +0
Weight.png Peso 170 +3.4
Melee Damage.png Daño cuerpo a cuerpo 612 +0.915
Movement Speed.png Velocidad de Movimiento 100% N/A3
Torpidity.png Inconsciencia 1000 +60

1Los porcentajes se basan en el valor de la estadística al momento de ser domesticada(Es decir, después de aplicarse la efectividad de tameo.)
2Aquí, se muestra el Daño base en bruto, en lugar de mediante porcentajes.
3Las criaturas salvajes no incrementan su velocidad de movimiento al subir de nivel.
4La Inconsciencia aumenta con los niveles, pero no puede ser subida manualmente una vez ha sido domesticada.

Velocidad de movimiento
Tipo de movimiento Velocidad base Corriendo
Caminando 260 546
Nadando 1200 N/A

Stamina Cost Attack Range Description
Base Minimum Activation

Combat[editar | editar código]

This section describes how to fight against the Turkey.

General[editar | editar código]

Super Turkeys hit hard, and take massively reduced (only 10%) melee damage from other creatures, rendering tames with no ranged attacks or with low melee damage useless against it. However, those tames may be useful for fending off the wildlife that automatically becomes aggressive when near an aggroed Turkey. Using firearms, even though they deal only 70% of damage to the Turkey, is one of the safest and easiest methods available.

Strategy[editar | editar código]

If you have a Giganotosaurus use it. You can also use a mantis holding melee weapons. If you have neither, you can stand on top of any stone platform and use firearms, though it is possible using more primitive weapons such as the bow.

Weaponry[editar | editar código]

Use firearms. If you are on Scorched Earth or Ragnarok, use fire arrows.

Dangers[editar | editar código]

The turkey will not stop pursuing you after you attack it. Chitin armor or better is recommended. If attacked, other damage-capable creatures will also attack you.

Its attack inflicts Rage, causing any skittish creature to immediately run off, while any other temperament creatures will attack.

Despite its size, its impossible to immobilize it by any ways, even using creatures that usually can pick smaller creatures such as Karkinos.png Karkinos and Megalosaurus.png Megalosaurus, and incapacitating creature such as Raptor.png Raptor and Bloodstalker.png Bloodstalker

Weakness[editar | editar código]

The Turkey cannot damage stone so you can attack it from on top of a stone pillar and render it incapable of damaging you. Or shoot it with a ranged weapon from a safe spot, e.g. from a Quetz Platform Saddle.png Quetz Platform Saddle. And although they are fast in water, they cannot attack while in water, allowing for you to either retreat or kite it and kill it without taking much damage (although its hard to hit due to its swim speed) If you are able to get one into the water, the Dunkleosteus.png Dunkleosteus also seems to lack the damage debuff.

The Turkey has no resistance against non-melee dino attacks, like Wyvern's elemental attacks.

Spotlight[editar | editar código]

Notes/Trivia[editar | editar código]

For information pertaining specifically to the real-world Superpavo, see the relevant Wikipedia article

  • Super Turkey takes heavily reduced damage from Dinos. Using human weapons or tools is recommended for an easier kill.
  • Southern Islets spawn is specifically near the lower-south cave.
  • Strangely enough, if the DoTame command is used, Super Turkeys can be tamed. Since DoTame normally only works on tameable animals, this might be a bug if it shares files or coding with the Dodo.
  • During the first edition of Turkey Trial, turkeys were extremely slow and easily outran with base Movement Speed only.

Referencias[editar | editar código]