Puerta de tablas para dinosaurios (Primitive+)

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Puerta de tablas para dinosaurios
Lumber Dinosaur Gateway (Primitive Plus).png
A large lumber and stone gateway that can be used with a Gate to keep most dinosaurs in or out.
Health 25 000
Peso 4
Tamaño de pila 100
Comando de generación
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/PrimitivePlusMod/Items/PrimalItemStructure_LumberGateframe.PrimalItemStructure_LumberGateframe'" 1 0 0
Nivel requerido Nivel 25
Puntos de engrama 7
EXP al crear 24.3
Tiempo de creación 3s
Se fabrica en: Construction Table (Primitive Plus).png Construction Table Primitive Plus Icon.png
Recursos necesarios
40 × Stone.png Piedra
35 × Thatch.png Paja
25 × Fiber.png Fibra
120 × Wood.png Madera

La puerta de tablas para dinosaurios (Lumber Dino Gate en la versión original del Mod) es una de las estructuras disponibles en el Mod "Primitive+" de ARK: Survival Evolved.

Descripción[editar | editar código]

The Lumber Dinosaur Gateway is designed to house the Lumber Dinosaur Gate (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Dinosaur Gate Primitive Plus Icon.png. Together, they provide protection against dinosaurs and can help keep them contained inside of an area.

Incompatible Creatures[editar | editar código]

These creatures are too large to fit through a Lumber Dinosaur Gateway.

Notes/Trivia[editar | editar código]

  • You are able to place the gate directly on the ground, without the need of first placing a Fence/Standard foundation.
  • The Gate itself is exactly 2 wall panels wide and 4 wall panels high
  • Whilst it does not snap-fit to foundations or pre-existing walls, it does snap on to fence foundations.
  • The Dino Gate fits exactly a 2x4 hole
  • The Lumber Gateway shares some similarities to common South-eastern Asian style Gateways, such as Japanese or Chinese gateways. Especially if painted Red or Brick color trim with white base.