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Lists items (as well as creatures) with their icon.

Append all names of items or creatures each as a single parameter. You can optional add a quantity as x or x..y as the next parameter.


Parámetro Defecto Descripción
iconsize 30px size of the items
columns 1
columnWidth set a desired width for columns
listtype set to 'ol' for a numbered list, 'none' for list without bullets
showquantityone false set to true to also show '1 ×' if a quantity of 1 is given


{{ItemList|iconsize=20px|columns=2|Paja|Madera|Carne Cruda|Carne Cruda de Primera|Dodo|Mesopithecus|Puerta de Madera}}
{{ItemList|iconsize=20px|columnWidth=20em|Paja|Madera|Carne Cruda|Carne Cruda de Primera|Dodo|Mesopithecus|Puerta de madera}}
  1. Berries.png Berries
  2. Rockarrot.png Rockarrot
  3. Longrass.png Longrass
{{ItemList|listtype=none|Berries|Sulfur (Scorched Earth)|Clay (Primitive Plus)}}

Displaying a comma-delimited array from a data-module:

{{ItemList|columnWidth=20em| {{Dv|Pteranodon|canDragCreatures}} }}