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Las mascotas Chibi son un tipo de objeto disponible en los eventos ARK: Winter Wonderland 4, ARK: Love Evolved, ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 5, ARK: 5th Anniversary y ARK: Summer Bash 2020.

Descripción[editar | editar código]

Chibi-Pets are items first added in ARK: Winter Wonderland 4. These pets are equippable by survivors in the Off-hand slot, which cause them to appear in front. Moving or climbing up causes the chibi to follow, always positioned at where the survivor is facing, and always at the upper-left. If the survivor is sitting on a mount, or on a bed (excluding Tek Sleeping Pod (Aberration).png Tek Sleeping Pod (Aberration) which they still follow the position, except facing upwards at the survivor's right), the chibi will not be seen anywhere, but inside the survivor.

They can be leveled by killing Alpha T-Rex.png Alpha Predators while having them equipped. Each level from the Chibi also boosts the survivor's maximum level by 1, up to 5 level max for the survivor.

Chibi-Pets Will as well will not appear in your inventory after you die, they will be left in the bag that you left when you did die

Lista de mascotas Chibi[editar | editar código]

Cómo conseguir mascotas Chibi[editar | editar código]

ARK: Winter Wonderland 4[editar | editar código]

Most chibis can only be found from Presents dropped by Raptor Claus.png Raptor_Claus, or from the regular Gacha Crystals dropped by GachaClaus.png GachaClaus. Specific type of Chibis can only be obtained from either of the two.

ARK: Love Evolved[editar | editar código]

La mayoría de las criaturas Chibi pueden conseguirse intentando pescar para conseguir Coelacanth.png Celacantos con el efecto amoroso (corazón).

ARK: Eggcellent Adventure[editar | editar código]

Eggs from wild bunny Dodos can be placed and cracked. Cracking an egg has a 20% chance to drop a Chibi-Pet. This can only happen during the event and eggs saved for when the event is over will not have this option.

ARK: 5th Anniversary[editar | editar código]

Cakes found from harvesting from dead Party Dodo.png Party Dodo can be used in a Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot as a recipe for crafting random Chibi-Pets.

4 Chibi-Pets can be smelted in a Refining Forge.png Refining Forge to craft 1 random Chibi-Pet.

Rarity[editar | editar código]

When obtaining a chibi, you have roughly an 89% chance of receiving a chibi from the common list, a 10% chance of receiving a chibi from the uncommon list, 0.4% chance for one from the rare list, 0.1% chance from the very rare list, and a 0.09% chance of receiving a chibi from the legendary list.

With the event start of ARK: 5th Anniversary, All Chibi-Pets icon color are denoted by their rarity, similarly to colors from Purple Beacon.png Supply Crate.

Common[editar | editar código]

All Chibi-Pets color here are denoted as Green.

Uncommon[editar | editar código]

All Chibi-Pets color here are denoted as Blue.

Rare[editar | editar código]

All Chibi-Pets color here are denoted as Purple.

Muy raras[editar | editar código]

Todas las mascotas Chibi de este tipo se conocen como "mascotas amarillas":

Legendarias[editar | editar código]

Todas las mascotas Chibi de color rojo son de tipo legendario.

DLC Requirement[editar | editar código]

Some Chibi requires paid DLC installed to be used. This excludes Genesis Chibis or Chibis related to creature exclusive to free DLC maps.

Scorched Earth[editar | editar código]

Aberration[editar | editar código]

Extinction[editar | editar código]

Notas/Información adicional[editar | editar código]

  • Chibi are considered super-deformed versions of the original, hence why all of the chibis here have a large head with small body.[1]
  • Hay un error del juego por el cual toda la experiencia de los Chibis se perderá, pero manteniendo los niveles ganados (aún no corregido).
  • Pair-o-Saurs chibi currently has a dino icon that does not exist in any of the known, or upcoming, dino.
  • Durante el lanzamiento del Tropeognathus.png Tropeognathus en consolas, se descubrió una variante Chibi en los recursos cargados al juego.

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