Genesis 2 Chronicles

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Genesis 2 Chronicles
Genesis 2 Chronicles.png
Organizador Studio Wildcard
Fecha de inicio November 7th, 2020
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Genesis 2 Chronicles

The Genesis 2 Chronicles are a series of routine content drops that add new explorer notes and skins related to the DLC Genesis: Part 2. It started on November 7th 2020.

Gameplay Changes[editar | editar código]

Explorer Notes[editar | editar código]

The Genesis Chronicles adds in multiple Explorer Notes connected to Genesis: Part 2, some of which come from 20px HLN-A, and some of which come from Rockwell.png Rockwell himself. The player must have 20px the Mini-HLNA equipped in order to unlock the notes.

Genesis 2 Chronicles I
Genesis 2 Chronicles II

Due to a bug, these notes may not be accessible in a server at the moment.

Mini-maps[editar | editar código]

The Island
Chronicles I
Scorched Earth
Chronicles II
The Island Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #1
blue: Note #2
green: Note #3
purple: Note #4
cyan: Note #5
Scorched Earth Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #6
blue: Note #7
green: Note #8
purple: Note #9
cyan: Note #10

Unique Skins[editar | editar código]

The Genesis 2 Chronicles event adds in new, unique skins related to Genesis: Part 2, obtainable by unlocking Genesis: Part 2-related Explorer Notes.

Genesis 2 Chronicles I

Genesis 2 Chronicles II

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Notes[editar | editar código]

Genesis 2 Chronicles 1
  • Note #1: HLN-A is getting nostalgic about being back on The Island as if it is experiencing déjà vu, something that is odd for an AI.
  • Note #2: HLN-A "remembers" being at The Island not as an AI, but as a human person who had toes who could feel and smell the ocean breeze. The visual includes a human survivor being at their first days on The Island at the beach.
  • Note #3: HLN-A suddenly remembers the survivors Helena met on the Island: Gaius Marcellus Nerva, Sir Edmund Rockwell, and Mei-Yin Li. It realizes it has all of Helena's memories stored in it and notes it is a great parting gift. A high quality image and its pixelated version shows a man with a bald top scalp (Rockwell), a survivor with hair covering his entire face (Nerva), and a woman with long hair (Mei-Yin).
  • Note #4: HLN-A explains to the player that people like them and Helena only knew prehistoric creatures by studying their bones. She knows and "remembers" the feeling the players and Helena felt when they saw a real life dinosaur (in-game for players). A visual of a jungle background with a Brontosaurus is shown.
  • Note #5: HLN-A tells the player that not only did it have memories about the adventures it had with the player, but also having Helena Walker's memories, which she finds funny. She finds the thought of whether she is its human creator, itself, or a combination of the two to be mind blowing. The visual shows one of Helena's memories depicting her holding a pistol while being with Mei-Yin, possibly during the time Helena needed evidence about the behavior of tamed creatures in captivity through seeing Mei-Yin's creatures in action.
Genesis 2 Chronicles 2
  • Note #6: Rockwell speaks through HLN-A about how he somehow has a connection to it and how the Scorched Earth ARK looks small to him now. A landscape view of Scorched Earth is shown.
  • Note #7: Rockwell tries to surprise the player with the fact that he can see them now and describes how he has grown more eyes than his original two when he was Sir Edmund Rockwell. He tells the player that endlessly exploring the ARKs may have been something he would have done but understands that he, and everyone else on the ARKs, would need to leave the system in due time. A visual of Rockwell and his wall of eyes is shown.
  • Note #8: Scorched Earth is considered to be disappointing in Rockwell's view. He recalls the events of his transfer from the Island to Scorched Earth and how he has discovered Edmundium/Element during his travels. A visual of an area surround an obelisk in Scorched Earth is shown.
  • Note #9: Rockwell notices that something reminiscent of Helena is somewhere inside HLN-A. He admits he underestimated Helena's resourcefulness when she became a Homo Deus as her method of ascension, but he finds it pitiful that despite being a Homo Deus, she couldn't accept his "grand design". A visual of Helena's memory and point of view where she was writing up the Triceratops dossier is shown.
  • Note #10: Among the billions of survivors that are stocked in a mysterious archive, HLN-A has been clingy around the player, which Rockwell finds strange. Rockwell knows that the player is capable, but doesn't understand why the player is so special. A visual of survivors in desert cloth armor are shown.