Cápsula orbital de suministros (Extinction)

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Cápsula orbital de suministros
Orbital Supply Drop (Extinction).png
Valuable content containing damageable loot drop of different levels
Tipo Structure
Health 10 000 (Easy)
50 000 (Medium)
100 000 (Hard)
100 000 (Legendary)
Añadido en Versión 285.104

La cápsula orbital de suministros (comúnmente abreviada como OSD, de la versión original en inglés Orbital Supply Drop) es una estructura temporal de suministro de objetos actualmente solo disponible en la expansión "Extincion" de ARK: Survival Evolved. It replaces the Supply Crates and Deep Sea Loot Crates of the previous maps. Different than the former loot drops, they can and will be damaged by waves of Corrupted Creatures spawning around the Supply Drop. To secure the valuable contents of the Orbital Supply Drop, the survivor must fight off waves of corrupted enemies, the amount of which varies depending on the level of the drop.

Descripción[editar | editar código]

The Orbital Supply Drops occasionally fall from the sky and land in various areas in the Wasteland outside the city on Extinction. There are 4 different types of OSDs, each one varying in difficulty, health, and potential rewards.

An OSD defense mission is initiated by simply approaching it, which will cause a force-field to spawn around it, beginning the first wave. This force-field will protect the OSD from the waves of corrupted creatures, but will shrink as it absorbs damage. Once it is destroyed, it cannot be brought back, and the OSD will become susceptible to damage. Alternatively, the player can choose to prematurely deactivate the shield if they wish by walking up to the OSD and choosing the "deactivate shield" option. However, keep in mind that deactivating the shield is an irreversible option and it cannot be brought back once it has been turned off.

Once the defense mission has been initiated, the OSD can be approached at any point (or looked at with a Spyglass) to see its remaining health, what wave is currently active, how many waves until the defense mission is complete, and how many hostiles are remaining in the current wave. Once all the enemies in a wave are killed, the next wave will begin after a few seconds, signified by a musical cue.

Once all the waves are completed, a musical cue will play and the message "OSD defense complete!" will appear to all nearby players. At this point, the player may simply walk up to the OSD and select the new "Eject Items" option to receive their rewards. Keep in mind that the items are dispensed directly onto the floor, so be sure to pick everything up before they de-spawn. The OSD itself will disappear a few seconds after all of its items have been dispensed.

If the player fails an OSD defense mission, the OSD will be destroyed, disappearing in a similar fashion to the supply crates on the other maps and blasting back all nearby entities. This blast does not cause damage, but can potentially cause fall damage if you are blasted off a ledge. Additionally, if the OSD is allowed to unrender,(all players leave the area) the defense mission will be terminated, causing the OSD and the wave of enemies to disappear. If you plan on doing an OSD defense mission solo, be sure to bring everything you need with you to the fight so this can be avoided.

Blue, Yellow, and Red OSDs require 6 waves to complete, consisting of a preliminary "wave 0" and followed by 5 normal waves. Purple OSDs (the hardest difficulty) require 8 waves (0-7) to complete. However, the player can continue to keep going after wave 7 to increase the quality and quantity of the loot. This quality increase will scale up until wave 14 is reached, after which it will no longer increase. Purple OSDs have a longer "grace period" between waves to allow players to dismount and select the "End OSD defense" should they choose to do so.

Drops[editar | editar código]

Loot Tables/Extinction/Orbital Supply Drops

Ubicaciones[editar | editar código]

Horde Mode Location List

Combate[editar | editar código]

Legendary Drops[editar | editar código]

  • These rare drops are not to be underestimated for one second. Even the first wave is difficult. A good strategy is to set up a personal Tek Forcefield.png Tek Forcefield to provide another layer of defence.

Strategies[editar | editar código]

  • A good strategy is to bring a flock of high-level flying creatures put on Aggressive, or Attack My Target behavior to fight off the Corrupted Creatures.
  • Alternatively, the Enforcer.png Enforcer deals 4 times damage to Corrupted Creatures and come in handy when defending the Supply Drop. A single high level Enforcer can easily do a blue drop. It's advised to bring stronger dinos to anything above.
  • A recommended other creature is the Megatherium.png Megatherium, that gets the 'Insect' Killer buff from killing Spider.png Araneo, Arthropluera.png Arthropleura and Scorpion.png Pulmonoscorpius
  • If you do not have flying Creatures like the Pteranodon.png Pteranodon, you are well advised to bring a collection of ranged weapons with you. All drops will contain flying Corrupted Creatures as part of waves regardless of difficulty.
  • For yellow drops, many Corrupted Arthropleura will attack in the later waves. It is advised to bring loads of spare armor.
  • To prevent being encumbered and fully loaded with items in your tamed creature's inventory, it is advised to set Harvesting to off, as the Corrupted Nodules, meat and other items fill up your inventory quickly.
  • Tek Forcefield from the drop will receive damage from any source, including you or your creature regardless of what kind of damage.
  • Surrounding the Forcefield with Creatures such as the Velonosaursus to create a automatic ranged defense protecting the Forcefield as a whole.
Single player
  • Craft a group of Enforcer.png Enforcer
  • Let them follow you on a fast flyer, like Pteranodon.png Pteranodon or Tapejara.png Tapejara, ideally with a Tapejara Tek Saddle.png Tapejara Tek Saddle, have other flyers also following you
  • Have a flock of high-level Aggressive Dimorphodon.png Dimorphodon ready just in case
  • When you reach a Supply Drop, position the Enforcers in a circle around the drop, set them to Aggressive
  • Be careful when attempting Legendary drops this way, as Enforcers cannot benefit from saddles or imprinting and may quickly be destroyed by Enraged Corrupted Rexes swarming the drop.
  • It's common on official servers to use high damage(700%+) imprinted Giganotosaurus with a good saddle 100 armor and above to solo red Orbital Supply Drops by walking circles around it. Be wary of your bite range, if you don't trust yourself, use a Managarmr or Snow Owl(also used for healing between waves) to kill the smaller Corrupted Creatures like Carnotaurus.
  • The Ice Titan can be used to do red and purple Orbital Supply Drops with its freeze breath attack.
  • Ensure that every defending tribe member and powerful Creatures on standby with healing items in the event that the Corrupted Creatures swarm the players and the Orbital Supply Drop.
  • At the end of the 5th wave, when all Corrupted Creatures are defeated, in PvP mode it is important to get to the Supply Drop first to secure its contents.

Dangers[editar | editar código]

  • Orbital Supply Drops take damage like Wood, but all Corrupted Creatures.png Corrupted Creatures can damage it regardless of what species. This also applies to the survivor when trying to kill said Corrupted Creatures.png Creatures with either tamed Creatures or even Weapons such as Simple Pistol.png Guns and Sword.png Swords. Keep allied, non-ridden Creatures away from the Orbital Supply Drop to prevent excess damage. Tamed Creatures will damage both the Tek Forcefield.png Forcefield and Orbital Supply Drop so it is important to keep friendly aggressive Dodo.png Creatures away from those structures.
  • The Enraged Triceratops.png Enraged Triceratops is the dangerous apex of Trike.png Triceratops. Not only do they boast high stats similar to Alpha T-Rex.png Alpha Creatures, they will also considerably boost the damage of the Corrupted Creatures.png Corrupted Creatures and reduce the damage taken (double damage output and reduce damage by half, respectively.) These must be a priority target before they get to the Orbital Supply Drop. Alphas boosting one another can be extremely dangerous so it's important to keep them separated, if possible.
  • Enraged Corrupted Rex.png Enraged Corrupted Rex is essentially a more powerful Corrupted Rex.png Corrupted Rex. Since they buff the Corrupted Creatures.png Corrupted Creatures, consider these as another priority.
    • With the Enraged Corrupted Rex having over 100k health at levels 400-525, this makes them even more dangerous in taking down.
  • Structures, including those built on platform saddles, can be destroyed upon a successful defense. Be sure to move all dinos with platform saddles away from the drop to avoid destruction of your structures.
  • Yellow Supply Drops tend to spawn many Corrupted Arthropluera, which have a passive percentage-based damage-reflection ability. It would be advised to use ranged attacks to clear these out, as their damage-reflection is deadly when dealing with them in large numbers. Even an imprinted Giganotosaurus could potentially be at threat of entering rage mode if they are allowed to carelessly bite through large swarms of corrupted Arthropluera.

Creatures[editar | editar código]

These Corrupted Creatures can spawn in each wave with varying number.

Easy (Blue)[editar | editar código]

Medium (Yellow)[editar | editar código]

Hard (Red)[editar | editar código]

Legendary (Purple)[editar | editar código]

Notes[editar | editar código]

  • Dino levels get higher based on the difficulty of the drop. Blue drops typically have levels between 1-30, yellow have 100-180, red have 200-300, and purple can have levels 400-800
  • Tek blueprints can be acquired in OSDs; this is the only way to get quality Tek equipment, or to acquire Tek engrams via blueprints without the need to kill bosses.
    • Tek blueprints, unlike all other blueprints, have a limited number of times they can be crafted, which can be seen by moving the cursor over them with tooltips toggled on.
  • An OSD at the nearest spawn position can be summoned with cheat StartNearestHorde Crate <1-4> (1= Easy/Blue, 2= Medium/Yellow, 3= Hard/Red, 4= Legendary/Purple)
  • Orbital Supply Drops can not be damaged by the Managarmr's Frost Breath attack or the breath from Lightning Wyverns and Poison Wyverns. Fire Wyverns CAN damage the pod with their fire breath (this is likely due to the fact that Corrupted Wyverns are Fire Wyverns).
  • At the moment of ejecting the loot, be aware that every structure near the OSD will be instantly demolished, this includes Tek shield generators or foundations.
  • As of v288.113, when PvE is activated only the tribe that "claims" the drop can deactivate the forcefield and eject the contents once it is successfully defended.
  • As the ejected items are dropped onto the floor instead of bags, their despawn timer immediate starts as soon as they are expelled. Due to how heavy some of the items can be, it is common for players to sometimes fail to grab all of the loot in time. To prevent this, it is recommended to bring a whip to grab all the items quickly, as well as a high-weight creature such as a Gasbags or an Argentavis in a cryopod, and deploy them once the OSD defense is complete.
  • In the explorer notes, Santiago built the orbital supply drops to store the ludicrous amounts of element they have gathered in the Wasteland. He also added shielding that is built to protect the unit from being damaged and did it because of the "Rockwell Incident".
    • In explorer note The One Who Waits #24, the One Who Waits has been dropping the orbital supply drops for survivors to potentially claim mek blueprints but the corrupted sense them falling and rally in an attempt to destroy it, explaining why corrupted creatures attack in waves when survivors defend the drop.

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