ARK: Winter Wonderland 4

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ARK Event.png This article is about something exclusive to the one or more events.
It is not attainable in normal gameplay outside of events.
Winter Wonderland 4
ARK: Winter Wonderland 4
Winter Wonderland 4.jpg
While Winter Wonderland is active, you'll have a chance to collect over 50 ARK chibi pets. ARK chibi pets are cute miniaturized versions of the creatures you have become familiar with in your travels across the ARK universe. Chibi pets can be leveled up by killing specific alpha creatures and in return, you'll be granted additional player levels. Some chibi pets may be harder to find so you'll have to visit GachaClaus and RaptorClaus to find all the chibi pets! Can you collect them all?
Organizer Studio Wildcard
Start Date December 17th, 2019
Links Community Crunch 211

ARK: Winter Wonderland 4 fue un evento de invierno en ARK: Survival Evolved. Este evento es una secuela de ARK: Winter Wonderland 3, que tuvo lugar durante el invierno de 2018.

Podrás activar este evento de manera manual usando el parámetro de consola de servidor siguiente: -activeevent=WinterWonderland.

Descripción[editar | editar código]

During the Event, Raptor Claus.png Raptor Claus flies between 0 and 2 o'clock (12midnight-2am) in-game time in a straight line over all maps, dropping presents containing Mistletoe.png Mistletoe, Coal.png Coal, and various resources, loot and blueprints for high-quality equipment. On the Aberration map, they only fly across the SW surface area, accessible from the cave at coordinates 52.3, 23.3.

GachaClaus.png GachaClaus roams around the maps in Winter Wonderland 4 wherever Parasaur.png Parasaurs can be found. When fed 1 × Coal.png Coal or 1 × Mistletoe.png Mistletoe they produce Gacha Crystal (Extinction).png Gacha Crystals containing high-quality equipment (Armor and Weapons) and Winter Wonderland Event items, see below. To feed GachaClaus.png GachaClaus, stand next to it and access the inventory, then move 1 × Coal.png Coal or 1 × Mistletoe.png Mistletoe to its inventory at a time. You can put up to 5 coal in to get better/rarer items. It will then drop a special Gacha Crystal (Extinction).png Gacha Crystal (Extinction) containing your gift! For the mistletoe, only 1 is required, more than 1 will not get you better results.

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  • Rojo
  • Verde
  • Gris claro
  • Rojo claro
  • Verde oscuro
  • Rojo oscuro
  • Dino Light Red
  • Dino Light Green
  • Dino Medium Green
  • Dino Albino
  • NearWhite

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