ARK: Turkey Trial 2

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ARK Event.png This article is about something exclusive to the one or more events.
It is not attainable in normal gameplay outside of events.
Turkey Trial 2
ARK: Turkey Trial 2
ARK- Turkey Trial.jpg
Organizer Studio Wildcard
Start Date November 15th, 2016 for Xbox
November 24th, 2016 for PC

ARK: Turkey Trial 2 is an ARK: Survival Evolved thanksgiving event. It started at November 15, 2016 on Xbox and at November 25th, 2016 on PC and ended for both at December 1, 2016. It was the successor of ARK: Turkey Trial.

Gameplay Changes[editar | editar código]

Announcement in the Community Crunch 71:

Survivors will be given the opportunity to participate in the turkey-hunt of their lives. ARK: Turkey Trial 2 will throw survivors into a large-scale scavenger hunt and allow them to carve up the rare “Super-Turkeys” unleashed across the ARK! By harvesting sufficient Super Turkey Wishbones from these bloodthirsty, genetically-modified creatures, players can craft their very own stylish "Chieftain" Hat, or choose to summon the devastating DodoRex creature to do their bidding for a limited period of time. Brand new to this year's event, you will also be able to earn custom event-themed Emotes!

Notas[editar | editar código]

  • Wishbones are obtained by killing a Turkey.png Super Turkey
  • After obtaining 400 wishbones you can then summon a DodoRex for 25 minutes
  • The level of the Turkey changes depending on the difficulty of the server
  • No wild creatures will attack the Turkeys
  • Los pavos ya no pueden ser atrapados usando una boleadora y no pueden ser recogidos por otros animales.

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